About Us

We specialize in inexpensive automobiles and trucks. Normally our 75 unit inventory is priced between $995 and up.

Our BUY HERE,PAY HERE program:
We will also finance employed local buyers, preferring those who live in Medina County. We finance "in-house", with NO CREDIT CHECKS. Typically the employment requirement is 6 months on the job and 6 months residency. We do verify employment and residency.

For those that qualify, we need 1/3 of the sales price as a down payment. We will set up weekly or bi-weekly payments to suit your needs. At the time of purchase we will issue you a 45 day tag until the title can be transferred into your name. There will be a lien place on the title and we will provide you with a memorandum title for license plates.

Our BANK FINANCING program:We can finance just about anyone with these banks, with little to no money down even! We submit a simple credit app to the lenders, and they give us an answer back within a minute. There are a few requirements involved, and buyers should be prepared to bring documentations with them such as; Valid ID's, proof of insurance, recent utility bills, pay stubs or bank statements, phone bills, they may ask for apartment lease agreements, and information for references.

Call us at (330) 721-7800