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We are pleased to offer a wide selection of vehicles, with a price range to fit your needs.

For our Buy Here Pay Here program

We will finance to qualified buyers within the area with 1/3 down on the financed price. Our down payments range from $450 - $3000, depending on the price of the vehicle. Weekly or Bi-weekly payments will range from $45-$70 a week.



2000 Cadillac Escalade

152,942 miles

This 2004 Cadillac Escalade has 152k miles.  It runs and drives fantastic, the interior is gorgeous.  It has power seats, mirrors, windows, locks.  Cold AC hardly any rust on it. Powered by a 5.7l V8.  

$6,995 = $2,000 down


2011 Ford Taurus

145,000 Miles

Here is a great running and driving 2011 Ford Taurus for sale.  It has new front pads and rotors. Needs nothing, it has power seats windows, mirrors, and locks.

$8,995 = $3,000 down 


2005 Ford Mustang

127,421 Miles

This 2005 Ford Mustang is a good running and driving car.  It has power windows, locks, and  mirrors.  It is powered by a 4.0l V6.

$6,995 = $2,000 Down


1995 Pontiac Firebird

134,812 Miles

This 1995 Pontiac Firebird has a fully functional convertible top.  It has power windows, locks, and mirrors.  It is powered by the 3.8l V6.

$3,595 = $1,200


1996 Chevrolet Suburban

190,466 Miles

This 1996 Suburban runs and drives great.  It has 190k miles which is nothing for these trucks.  It has third row seating.  Power windows, locks, mirrors, and seats.  The truck is 4x4 and powered by a 5.7l V8

$2,795 = $900 down


2009 Chrysler Sebring

130,590 Miles

Here we have a 2009 Chrysler Sebring.  It has power windows, mirrors, and locks.  Runs and drives really nice.  

$3,695 = $1,200 Down


2005 GMC Sierra

188,715 miles

This 2005 GMC Sierra is a great runner and driver.  It is a extended cab long bed.  AC works.  It is a base model work truck.  Powered by a 5.3l  V8

$4,595 = $1,500 down


2005 PT Cruiser gt Convertible.

79,500 Miles

This 2005 PT Cruiser is a good running and driving car.  It has 79k miles.  It is a GT Convertible car.  The top does work it goes up and down with the press of a button.  2.4l engine has a factory turbo backed by a 5 speed manual transmission.

$6,595 = $2,200 down


2005 Hyundai XG 350

85,195 Miles

This 2005 Hyundai XG 350 is a really nice running and driving car.  It has loaded leather interior with: power windows, locks, mirrors, and seats.  

$4,295 = $1,400 down


1998 Toyota Avalon

185,667 Miles

Here is a good running and driving 1998 Toyota Avalon.  It has power everything: windows, locks, mirrors, seats, and sunroof.

$4,595= $1500 Down


2004 Dodge Dakota

152,950 Miles

This 2004 Dodge Dakota runs and drives great.  It has power windows, locks, and mirrors. It is a Two Wheel Drive.  It has the 3.7L v6.

$3,995 = $1,300 down


2004 Chevy Malibu

161,849 Miles

This 2004 Chevy Malibu runs and drives fantastic.  It has power windows, locks, and mirrors.  We drove the car back from Uniontown, Pennsylvania.  It had zero issues the entire way back to Medina, Ohio.

2795 = 900 Down


2002 Chevy Cavalier

163,216 Miles

Here we have a 2002 Chevy Cavalier.  Manual transmission, power windows, mirrors and locks.

$1,595 = $500 Down


2005 Mercury Mountaineer

139,963 Miles

This 2005 Mercury Mountaineer is a good running and driving suv.  It has loaded leather interior with power windows, locks, mirrors, seats, adjustable pedals.  Heated seats.  It has a 4.0l V6.

$5,995 = $2,000 Down


2004 Jeep Liberty

153,687 Miles

This 2004 Jeep Liberty is a good running and driving.  It has power windows, locks, and mirrors.  It has a good tires on it.

$4,995 = $1,600 Down


2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

142,250 Miles

This 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan is a very good running and driving van.  It has 142K miles,  it also has power windows locks, mirrors, and seats.  The doors and rear hatch can all be opened on the key fob.

$5,995 = $2,000 down

Please be aware that we do intend to be as accurate as possible with the details, prices, and conditions of the vehicles,we do reserve to right to be wrong, we are trying our best! 

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